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5 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Bux Board Boxes

Some common mistakes of these bux board boxes include the use of poor manufacturing techniques, bad printing options, wrong size, and over designing of the package.

The bux board boxes are made out of rigid and sturdy yet climate-friendly materials. Due to this, these are sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions that can be used again and again and then recycled easily. The manufacturer company of these boxes provides easy customization options through which you can alter the shapes and sizes of the packages according to the need. You can print these boxes with efficient printing technologies like offset lithography, screen, and digital printing. These high-quality printing techniques use special inks and modern color schemes like CMYK and PMS. With the help of a printing option, you can display different patterns and artwork on the surfaces of these boxes. Further, you can also go for product labeling with such printing technologies.

If you want to change the outlook of these boxes, then you can opt for finishing coats which include laminations, foiling, embossing techniques, and raised ink. The bux board boxes should be manufactured from good quality materials along with the use of advanced and the latest manufacturing techniques so that they can maintain their structure.

Businesses use these boxes so that they can encase their products and ship them securely. But if these boxes are not created properly, then they can increase the risk of product damage. Here we are going to mention some of the common mistakes which affect their durability and increase the risk of damage. 

Poor Manufacturing Technologies

The customer bux board boxes are usually made out of recycled Bux board material. This is good quality material, and if it went under the right and the appropriate manufacturing technologies, it could help in the production of high-quality packaging boxes that can be used for the packaging purposes of all kinds of items. But this is not the case. 

Sometimes these materials are treated with poor manufacturing techniques instead of professional technologies. This way, the result of such poor techniques helps in the manufacturing of flimsy and unstable packaging boxes. They cannot withstand even the slightest external stress or pressure and can easily get deformed or torn apart. These boxes fail to provide effective protection to the packaging products because of their fragile nature.

This mistake is very common, and it cannot only affect the durability of the box but also results in damage to the product that is packed inside it. You can avoid this mistake by opting for executive and professional manufacturing technologies for the production of these boxes so that the boxes have enough strength to endure harsh conditions and hold the products with maximum security. 

Wrong Size And Shape Of The Box

The bux board boxes wholesale option allows you to save money by purchasing these packages in bulk quantities. There is also a customization option available through which the businesses can avail of these boxes in custom shapes and sizes. But often, the manufacturer company of Bux board packaging boxes fails to create the right size and shape of the box according to the requirement of the customers’ packaging product. Such packages cannot encase the desired items perfectly.

For example, when the size of the boxes is smaller than the size of the packaging product, then they cannot pack the respective item. The small boxes, when encasing such products, result in exposing them to the outer atmosphere, due to which the products come in direct contact with heat, humidity, moisture, and other such environmental factors. This way, the product can easily get damaged, or if the product is edible, then it can get stale. 

Apart from the wrong sizes, many companies also make the mistake of manufacturing the wrong shapes of the packages. For example, when the business requires the boxes in the heart shape for the packaging of chocolates on the upcoming event of Valentine and receives the boxes in a square or rectangular shape, then they get frustrated and annoyed. Because such packages cannot make a mark on the targeted audience, and neither can they attract potential buyers. 

Use Of Bad Printing Techniques

One of the most common mistakes done by everyone in the field of the packaging industry is the use of cheap quality printing techniques just to save some money.

The bad quality of printing results in haphazard printed packages in which the displayed, printed patterns, artwork, or graphical illustrations can overlap. Apart from this, such techniques also cause the rough and uneven printing of the boxes and display a bad image of the product packaging box. When the substandard and inferior quality of printing technology is used for the display of product or business-related information, then it results in overlapping. Due to overlapping, there is no clarity, and the audience cannot read and understand the provided information. So, if your business wants to earn more sales and gain loyal customers, then you should use high-quality printing techniques like offset, digital, screen, etc., and avoid using poor and cheap technologies. 

Difficult To Open The Packaging

The Bux board packages are being used to encase almost all different kinds of products ranging from edibles to cosmetics and apparel and jewelry etc. They are durable and robust packaging solutions that can also be customized as per demand. Due to t these features, they have high demand in the business industry.

But sometimes, these boxes are not manufactured with proper features, and instead of attracting the audience, they result in driving away potential customers. One such mistake which is done by the manufacturing firm is the production of a complicated design of the box that can not be easily opened or reclosed.

The audience always gets attracted to the boxes that provide ease and convenience to them. So, if the box does not have the feature of friction lock top closure which not only protects the packed products from getting damaged but also helps in the easy opening and reclosing, then these boxes leave their users in confusion and make them frustrated. The boxes which are difficult to open are ignored by the audience and also result in the loss of the sales of the brand.

Over Designing Of The Packages

Over-designing is a mistake that does not make your product packaging attractive at all. This is the misconception of most people that the heavenly designed boxes attract customers or make a striking first impression. In fact, they work entirely opposite. They leave the audience confused and frustrated and display a bad image of the product as well as the brand.

The boxes should always be designed in a minimal yet attractive way, along with the use of proper printing and finishing options. Moreover, they should also be designed according to the need of the packaging product. For example, if the packing item is some fancy jewelry, then you should not display graphical illustrations or printed artwork.

Instead, you can make the box look attractive by choosing a minimalistic approach so that the packed product can create a good impression. 

The bux board boxes are adaptable and sustainable packaging solutions. When they are manufactured properly, then they can be used for the secured packaging and shipment of the products.

Brands are using these customized boxes so that they can make their products stand out and enhance their sales as well.

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